The Society's vision

Swedish Flute Association is a nonprofit organization that welcomes all flute lard as members - young and old, recreational musicians, professionals, technicians and flute note and instrument dealers.

The association was founded in 2013 and aims to:

  • Function as a network and forum for flute interested in Sweden
  • Create custom event where the entire Swedish flute enthusiasts have the opportunity to meet, socialize and develop
  • Seizing, increase and disseminate knowledge about the flute as an instrument
  • Serve as a place for information on other events where the flute is in focus
  • From grassroots to grow organizationally to the local and regional and departmental
  • Offering members special offers on their own courses and of partners
  • Actively cooperate with the international flute societies – especially with our closest neighbors compounds.

Warm welcome as a member of the Swedish Flute!

Partners to the Swedish Flute