Dutch International Flute Competition

We very proudly announce two new phenomena in the competition of 2020:
1. instead of 2 rounds, we will have 3 rounds. The 2nd round will be a semi-final round. In the third and final round the contestants will have to play a piece with orchestra!
2. in 2020 we will also organize a piccolo competition for students and young talents. We commissioned the Belgian composer Jeroen D’hoe to compose a piece. His composition “Patchwork” for piccolo and piano or marimba is one of the compulsory pieces for the piccolo competition.
All contestants will receive 3 written reports on their playing and stage performance and will have a personal talk with an adjudicator. We very carefully add an educational component in the written reports and in the adjucatorial talks. We handle each contestant with great care and add a valuable component to their learning process.
Last year over 120 contestants from 27 different countries, from 4 different continents took part in the competition. We grow at a fast speed, nevertheless we stick to our values. Moreover:  our competition offers a great opportunity to get to know other flute students and this year also piccolo students from allover the world.
We try to keep the competition fees as low as possible and offer the services of competition pianists and/or marimba player at low cost. On top of that we offer a very reasonably priced students’ campus on half board basis. We also provide shuttle mini buses to and from the campus to the competition hall and to and from the nearby railway stations.
In this e-mail we enclose our students’ flyer.
In case you would like to have more information, please let us know.
We do hope you will feel inspired to announce our competition.
Thanks in advance.
With kindest regards on behalf of our board,
Mrs. Johanna Pot-Kok


Börjar: 2020-04-13 0:00
Slutar: 2020-04-18 0:00




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